I am sad at role our media is playing by doing all it can to destroy the image of Pakistan. Why is video of the alleged flogging of a teenage girl in Swat being shown again and again? The sad part is that no one has bothered to hear the other side of the story or try to investigate the truth. I have few questions for the so-called 'modern enlightened' people; 1. Is the video real? I have serious doubts about that as immediately after the whipping the 'victim' got up and walked away without a limp. 2. When did this event take place? If any such punishment was awarded by the Qazi courts than we shall ask them about the legality of it otherwise we shall condemn the act and not the punishment. 3. The motives of the NGOs who had released the video needs to be ascertained. Why don't they come on media and condemn the US atrocities against the civilians including women and children. In the end, I must emphasis that if any such act has really taken place and the only crime of the girl was that she left the house accompanied by her father-in-law, then the law enforcing agencies must take action against all those involved in the act. -U.K. DAR, Manchester, UK, via e-mail, April 4.