KARACHI - Karachi Stock Exchange remained under selling pressure throughout the day on Wednesday as the KSE-100 index lost 25.77 points to close at 7,807 points. The volume of trading at KSE also dropped by 30 per cent and ended at 282 million shares involving an amount of 13.70 billion rupees. On Tuesday, the KSE recorded 404 million shares turnover, but the trading volume fell to 282 million shares on Wednesday as the investors remained cautious due to selling pressure. The United States has opposed the enforcement of Shariah in Malakand while the USs decision of attaching strings with the economic aid to Pakistan that led to selling pressure at the stock market, a broker said. He, however, said that the KSE-100 index had rapidly moved forward from below 6,000 points to very close to the level of 8,000 points and now the market was experiencing the phase of consolidation of equities worth. The market capitalization of KSE-100 index stood at 2.84 trillion rupees or 36.80 billion dollars. About 107 companies gained at KSE, 221 lost while the value of 14 companies shares remained unchanged on Wednesday. The top-10 volume leaders were: Jahangir Siddiqui Company Limited, Fauji Fertilisers Bin Qasim, DG Khan Cement, Oil and Gas Development Company, Bank Alfalah, Arif Habib, National Bank of Pakistan, Nishat Mills, PTCL and Lucky Cement. The JSCL recorded an impressive turnover of 25.497m shares while the value of its share increased to 43.24 rupees with a net gain of 1.55 rupees on Wednesday. The FFBQ also improved to 18.21 rupees with a gain of one rupee and the companys 19.257 million shares changed hands at the stock market. The price of DG Khan Cement also rose by 1.40 rupees, to 29.87 rupees with turnover of 18.003 million shares. The OGDC share lost 83 paisa and it closed down to 80.26 rupees with trading of 14.828 million shares. Bank Alfalah shed 80 paisa, closing at 13.11 rupees and it 14.828 million shares were traded at Karachi Stock Exchange. The share of Arif Habib Securities fell by 57 paisa and it closed at 34.64 rupees with turnover of 10.929 million shares. National Banks share shed 83 paisa and it closed at 106.99 rupees while the turnover of NBP shares stood at 10.10 million shares. The important losers at KSE on Wednesday were Pervez Ahmed Securities, KESC, Bank of Punjab, Pak Oilfields, Engro Chemical, Arif Habib Limited, United Bank, PTCL, Adamjee Insurance, Pak PTA, Arif Habib, Bosicor and Lucky Cement. The major gainers were FFBQ, PSO, PPL, JSCL, DG Cement, Attock Refinery, MCB Bank, National Bank and Nishat Mills. The stock market analysts said that the market could show a mixed trend and the investors should take positions cautiously and opt for profit-taking to avoid losses. They, however, said that top performing blue chips were still attractive for buying.