The recent flogging of a woman in Swat has brought shame to Pakistan. The Taliban had already brought a bad name to Islam and Pakistan by blowing up girls schools, targeting barber shops and video shops, and promoting sectarianism. They have made a mockery of our religion by digging out the body of Pir Samiullah of Swat from his grave and hanging him because he had opposed their policies. Similarly, they have murdered hundreds of Muslims just for the crime of opposing them. To end the Taliban curse of extremism, all mosques and madrassas should be taken over by the respective provincial governments. The religious parties exploiting the name of Islam while promoting deviation and sectarianism by disseminating hatred between Muslims should also be banned. Another suggestion is to ensure that all published literature on religion should be approved by the Council of Islamic Ideology so that Islam could be saved from fragmentation. It is time we should seriously think on whether we should be a liberal secular state on the pattern of Turkey with equal rights to Muslims and non Muslims and no religious discrimination. This is what Quaid-e-Azam desired us to be. If we are unable to achieve that, we might even end up being an extremist religious state ruled with iron hand by the mullahs, the example of which we are witnessing in NWFP and tribal areas. -SYED SADRUDDIN HUSSAIN Canada, via e-mail, April 5.