Short Messaging Services (SMS) is vital source of revenue for cellular companies and all cellular companies generated approximately 100 billion SMS in 2011.

This huge rise in the SMS traffic owes largely to the attractive and wide range of bundle packages being offered by all the operators. Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even unlimited

packages are being offered at very low rates by cellular companies to capture potential of this service. SMS is a vital source of communication, but the civil society looks concerned over these packages as youth is increasingly seen caught in amorous advances thanks mainly to  cheap night packages offered by various Telecom operators in a bid to expand customer network.

The amazing part of this story is that almost all cable operators offer arguably cheapest call charges  with almost entirely free Text messages offer with charges as low as 25 paisas by paying only nominal charges one can enjoy free talk on any number of one’s own choice.                 –Agencies

Though there is a widely held consensus which cuts across all sections of society that Communication itself is not a bad thing since it helps people grow confidently and resolves issue besides providing opportunity to be in contact with loved ones.

Its extensive use among youth is a cause of concern for elders. “The issue is not about call charges it is the negative use of the facility which bothers parents” said Najib Ahmad a government servant in communications department.

If mobile packages are free, the youth especially the students can use it for their study purpose.

“By talking free the whole night they can make each other understand the difficult sums of science or physics or formula which they were not able to understand while sitting in the class”, he maintained.