LOWER DIR - Shabab-e-Milli Pakistan, a youth wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, on Sunday announced that despite the parliament approval youth of Pakistan would not allow restoration of Nato supply inside the Pakistani territory.

This was announced during a Youth Convention organised by the Dir Lower chapter of Shabab-e-Milli. The convention was attended by more than 1500 youth and workers of JI. The JI leader Sirajul Haq, Shabab-e-Milli Pakistan Chief Attiqur Rehman, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Hafiz Ibrar, JI Dir Ameer and former MNA Maulana Asadullah, former MPA Muzaffar Syed, Sahibzada Yaqub Khan, Syed Sultanat Yar and Nawab Bad Shah addressed the convention held here at a local private school.

Addressing the youth convention, Sirajul Haq alleged that Pakistani rulers compromised to get the US dollars and betrayed the blood of martyrs. He said the JI and its youth would never allow anyone to sell sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan. “We will block the Nato supply with public support,” he said, adding that restoration of Nato supply line was against the wishes of the people.

Talking about the present government, the JI leader said that so far Rs 4,000 billion corruption had been recorded in the last four years.

He said corruption on a large scale had been shaking the very foundation of Pakistan.

He said that rivers in Malakand region had the capacity of producing 1800 mega watt electricity. “People of Malakand utilise only 135 mega watt electricity,” Siraj said, adding that despite these resources people of Malakand had been confronted with unaffordable power outages, overcharging and low voltage.

The speakers urged the youth to come forward and rid the people of Pakistan of corrupt and cruel leadership. They said Shabab-e-Milli was an organisation of youth working for orphans, widows and vulnerable communities in order to create a society based on justice and equality.

Meanwhile, youth from different areas also sang patriotic songs and demonstrated physical practices besides karate, ‘aatish bazi’ and ‘kabotar bazi’. 

Earlier, the participants led by Sirajul Haq and Attiqur Rehman held ‘istihkam-i-Pakistan rally’ (strengthening of Pakistan rally) and marched on Balambat Timergara road from Press Club Chowk to Rest House Chowk.