The world has moved towards clemency and mercy, but very little of it is seen in our country. The injustice on all lower levels is beyond comprehension! There seems to be no justice for the poor, and in this male dominated society, the injustice towards women has no limits. Many innocent women have been thrown into prison on contrived excuses, being poor and illiterate; they have no one to see to their rights.

Islam is a humane religion providing justice on all levels, but the absence of religion has not prompted our nation to turn to moral and ethical values. Is any kind of legal aid provided to them? Do they have the right to appeal, even if they cannot pay for it? In civilized countries poor are provided legal aid by the government, in the absence of any kind of law, why do we have to let these women suffer?

Seeing the plight of these defenseless women, I would like to earnestly request the Supreme Court to spare the lives of all those who face capital punishment. Some may have committed heinous crimes, but the one thing the court must not overlook is, why not give them an opportunity to become better persons? Execution or life in prison is not a solution but edification is. Once we allow them to reenter our society, they can, with skill, be a very useful contributor to it. With love and care things can change for the better, besides, everyone deserves a second chance.


Karachi, April 14.