KHYBER AGENCY - The incompetent and corrupt rulers and their allies have pushed the country towards dark ages during their last five years ruling tenure.

Their wrong policies forced millions of Pakistanis to serve their lives as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in their own country.

This was stated by Naib Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Siraj-ul-Haq while addressing a huge public gathering near the Landi Kotal Railway Station on Monday.

JI leader said that the Pakistan People’s Party and the Awami National Party ruled the country for five years and pushed the masses towards dark ages.

He said the blood of forty six thousands innocent countrymen was shed for the sake of the US government to take dollars.

“The former rulers have deprived the nation of development and peace,” he regretted.

The JI leader said that his party sacrificed a lot for the tribesmen to grant them political freedom.

He said the former parliamentarians had ignored the oppressed tribesmen during the last five years for their vested interests.

Siraj urged the tribesmen to use their votes for change and elect pious and honest leaders who could timely address their grievances.

He urged the tribesmen to come out on polling day and cast their votes against the tested candidates and favour the JI candidates all over the tribal regions so that their fate could be positively changed.

JI candidate for the NA-45 Zarnoor Afridi also addressed the gathering  and said that former tribal parliamentarians neglected the tribal people and had been enjoying luxurious lives in Islamabad. He urged the masses not to befool on hollow slogans from the tested parliamentarians who left them alone in time of need.

He asked them not to sell their votes for a few coins and elect able leadership.

Prior to it, foolproof security measures had been taken around and inside the gathering and the local political administration had deployed heavy contingents of Khasadar and Levis forces.