RAWALPINDI – Speakers at a seminar titled “Energy crises and its solutions” have suggested the government to take advantage of solar energy to overcome present shortfall of electricity on permanent basis.

They said the sun poured 99.9 per cent more energy on earth than the whole world’s requirements of electricity. The seminar was arranged by Tesla Industries in its Auditorium here on Sunday. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tesla industries Amir Hussain, Mubarak Hussain, Irshad-ul-Haq and other experts spoke on the occasion.

They said that all developed nations had advanced in getting electricity from sun and they were making progress through this natural source of energy. “People in our country are in the need to be aware of benefits of solar energy”, they added.

CEO Amir Hussain said that the shortfall of electricity in Pakistan was playing havoc with our economy and disturbing social life very badly. He said that load shedding had got on the nerves of our nation and made the life harder. He said that the solar energy system could make all the deficiencies up putting our economy on the path of progress. “With one time investment, our industrial units can get rid of load shedding and billing of electricity for ever, rather they can sell the surplus electricity to WAPDA by installing import, export electricity meters”, he mentioned.

Mubarak Hussain, a Ph.D scholar numbered the benefits of solar system and said with other accessories, the solar penal on one side of roof top, an average house in Pakistan can get sufficient energy to meet the entire energy requirement of the house.

He further said that solar energy could be converted to mechanical, chemical or electrical energy. The government should come forward and shoulder its responsibilities with regard to introduce solar system, which has been developed now indigenously. He further suggested the people should convert the natural solar energy into their required manner to avoid load shedding.