ISLAMABAD - Fulfilling a promise, he made a couple of months ago, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf on Monday announced his party has awarded 80 per cent tickets to those who have never been a part of assemblies in the past.

Over 80 per cent of ticket holders of our party are non-electables. They have never been a part of any assembly of the country,” Imran said during a packed press conference held in premises of a local hotel in Islamabad.Awarding party tickets to young party leaders, PTI Chairman Imran urged 400 million of young voters to vote for candidates of his party to power if they want real change in Pakistan.

PTI wants your support to bring a real change in Pakistan. Get up and support a party of young leaders. Rest assure you we will bring Pakistan among the list of prosperous and developed countries,” Imran Khan said during a packed press conference held in an auditorium of a local hotel in Islamabad.

Flanked by unknown, however, young and confident members of his party Imran Khan announced during the press conference that was attended by a large number of national and international media, that his party has awarded 35 percent tickets to young members who would bring a real change until they are voted to power. 

Our party doesn’t believe in politics of dynasty rather we are the only party which has laid foundation for ending family politics. You would appreciate to know that PTI has awarded over 35 percent party to the youth of Pakistan and youngsters have been provided a fair chance. Let me assure you it is a concrete step towards the revolutionary change in the political history of Pakistan,” Imran Khan said.

A large number of local and International media including electronic and print, attended the press conference that was called to initiate ‘Naya Pakistan Fund’. Launching ‘Naya Pakistan Fund’, the PTI chairman made it clear that the fund would be spent to meet the expenses that may occur during election campaigns of all those candidates who lack funds to contest upcoming elections. It was, however, first time that Imran Khan did not lose temper despite the fact that journalists, representing both local and international, raised critical questions during the press conference.When asked to comment why was his party getting donations from American nationals despite the fact he was very vocal against US police especially the drone attacks. With a pleasant smile on his face, Imran said, PTI has members across the globe including USA where a large number of Pakistani expats were living and sending donations/funds for his party. 

Replying to another query, a confident and content chairman of PTI said his party would do wonder in Punjab where his candidates would face rival party of PML-N.

We will fight a decisive battle in the upcoming elections and we would have a new system. We will give them a new Pakistan. Now the people should come out of their houses and vote and support our young leaders. I tell you that 40 million new and young voters would make a difference in the upcoming elections. By introducing youth in politics, we have got rid of the game of musical chairs which was going on for so many decades,” Imran said during the press conference.

Imran claimed that the PTI was the only party, which could change the corrupt system. He predicted a close contest between the PTI and Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) in Punjab, as PPP would face the wrath of the masses in the coming elections due to its dismal five-year performance.

I think that this election would be a repeat of 1992 world cup. We also had 80 percent youngsters in the world cup and our team was a blend of youth and experience. I think the PTI ticket holders would also be a blend of young talent and experience. The results of the coming elections would be like a world cup 1992 and the PTI would be emerged victorious with the support of the masses,” he maintained.

The PTI chairman said that the PPP and PML-N had been partners in the Punjab government for three and a half years while they had been partners in Balochistan till the last day.

They were actually one on all issues. The PML-N leaders’ statements are on record that he had helped the PPP regime complete its tenure. Now the PML-N wanted to take its turn. The nation would no more allow this game of musical chairs to continue and a change is a must,” he added.    

He said that during the past five years the state institutions had witnessed record erosion.“The history tells us that those parties who deteriorate the institutions, they never fix those. During the past 25 years, the PPP and PML-N have deteriorated our infrastructure,” he added.