LAHORE  - Former Pakistan cricket captain Imzamamul Haq has termed the Lahore City Cricket Association (LCCA) ‘a role model body’ for promoting cricket at grass root level during previous three years and called for continuation of present set up of the association. “We have seen a significant cricket development at early level in recent years and efforts are being made in right direction to re-establish Lahore’s name as nursery to identify new talent and to groom it,” he said here on Monday. He was of the view that there was dire need to continue the polices of the present set up of the LCCA under the guidance of Khawaja Nadeem Ahmed and this objective could be achieved by his re-election for a second term. “After two-decade dark era in cricket in Lahore, a ray of hope emerged with the election of Nadeem and sincere efforts are being made to better the sagging fortune of Lahore’s cricket which is evident from the results achieved by Lahore’s teams in domestic tournaments in recent years,” he said. He said the task assigned to the LCCA was not easy as long terms efforts with devotion and dedication were needed to give Lahore’s its previous status of a cricket body which produced a number of Test and international cricketers in the past. He urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to lend support to Nadeem to acknowledge his efforts for the revival of cricket. “PCB has its specific role in the development of cricket and without the help and cooperation of regional cricket bodies this task cannot be achieved and in my opinion those who are serving the game with undying spirit be encouraged and supported so that they should do a lot more for the cause of cricket,” said the former captain. He said he believed that club cricket badly needed the attention of the PCB and business houses so that ample funds were available to generate sufficient cricket activities at early level. “The present set up of the LCCA generated a lot of funds and organised a lot of tournaments and I am confident that they will continue their endeavour in years to come,” he concluded.