Measles continues to take a heavy toll on children. With over 50 deaths occurring in the past weeks and months the plague devoured two more children on Sunday, while the number of children catching the disease is in thousands, as confirmed by Punjab Health Minister Salima Hashmi. The situation is clearly critical and calls for emergency health services.

However, the health minister candidly admitted that the health coverage in Punjab was as low as 57 percent, whereas it should be 90 percent. Her assurance that the ministry was trying to tackle the epidemic on a war-footing comes as a crumb of comfort, although the precious loss of life is regretted. The Health Secretary Punjab also confirmed that 30.3 million doses are being procured. It is obvious that these lives could have been saved had timely steps been taken. But in Pakistan, the tendency is to wake up only after the disaster has stuck and that goes for the Health Ministry as well. It has been also observed that people’s awareness regarding the immunisation is pathetic. When the children are not vaccinated on time it allows the disease to attack them freely. But at the end of the day, the government and the Health Ministry cannot escape the blame of letting the scourge spread so freely and kill on such a large scale.