LAHORE – PML-N on Monday accused the Pakistan People’s Party of blatantly misrepresenting facts on economy and energy to hoodwink the masses as well as to shift the blame of its own follies and wrong policies on the past PML– N government.

In an issued statement the PML-N said, “the frustrated PPP has taken to cheat the masses as it has nothing worthwhile to sell to the voters following a dismal performance, loot and plundering of the worst order during the five years rule”.

 It said that the PPP government committed gross negligence and inability to rid the nation of ever increasing load shedding problem and it was now covering up its wrong doings by maligning the PML-N government. “Instead of alleviating the problem, they (the PPP) compounded it by initiating Rental Power Projects in order to line their own pockets. The facts however, show the true picture. PPP went wrong in the first place when it chose to use the wrong fuel mix, relying totally on furnace oil instead of coal or gas and then awarding contracts at inflated prices.