Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to voice my concern about the brain drain eating up the Pakistani society like a termite. We cannot blame our smart and intelligent youth for not staying in this country that promises them no future, unless they are ready to compromise themselves and sell themselves to the highest bidder.

This nation has not made any strides in advancement of industry or anything else, and once again we will lay the blame on the governing authorities, but even in private sector we are inundated by family and friends, or reference culture rather than merit. Politics, corruption, nepotism and other ulterior considerations play a key role, when filling up the technical posts, while merit takes a back seat. It leads to frustration among the talented youth who are seeking these jobs. The outflow of a considerable section of young intellectuals certainly results in the poverty of the intellectual life of the nation.

It is high time we recognized talent to provide our talented youth with better job opportunities so that they work for the good and prosperity of their motherland. Moreover, there should be more emphasis on research and development, exclusively managed by scientists without any political interference. There can be writer’s guild and libraries for the youth as well as forums for them to gather and interact. The current ‘Job Fares’ held in different colleges do provide some help but not to the extent we require.


Lahore, April 14.