LAHORE – Personal body guards of Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Afaq Ahmad violated the weapon free zone limits at Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) a couple of days back.

The ASF authorities following terror threats had declared airports weapon-free zone a week back.

The force also banned arms’ display in the airport limits. However, bodyguards of VIPs are exempted, the official said, adding that other guards would have to stay outside the airport.

On the day of incident, bodyguards of both leaders, who were travelling from Karachi to Lahore, had forcibly entered banned area with arms.

Director General, Airport Security Force (ASF) initiated the inquiry into the issue, sources in the ASF said.

Passenger detained: Customs officials seized foreign currency, gold and a Pakistani passenger who was travelling to Dubai, said sources in CAA on Monday.

Sources claimed that a passenger Samiullah Babar was trying to board a Dubai bound flight of Airblue-410 on Monday early morning.

During baggage search customs officials found foreign currency of SR161000, UAE DHM24000 and Rs9130.

Sources claimed that gold was also recovered by the Customs officials but it was not mentioned in the CAA vigilance report.

A custom official said that passenger was carrying the foreign currency beyond the limits set by the international standards.

He said if any passenger wants to carry currency beyond limit he would have to give solid reason for it.