PTI Chairman Imran Khan has expressed boldly his intention to build Kalabagh Dam by convincing Sindh about its vital need. This is the first time that a political leader has openly supported Kalabagh Dam while the other parties either opposed it or had a gung-ho attitude to dish it for their policy of “muck muka.” Mr. Imran Khan’s statement is like a fresh breeze in the stale air of stagnation in the political landscape with politicians afraid of even taking the name of Kalabagh Dam. PTI has a strong support in the youth of Pakistan that are against the hackneyed parties of Pakistan that could not deliver on the water and power front, that has doomed the agricultural and industrial progress of Pakistan. Let us pray that PTI is granted a sweeping success in elections to steer the country along the path of prosperity and justice that has so far been the missing factor in the political milieu of Pakistan.


Lahore, April 4.