LAHORE – Chief Minister Najam Sethi has said private sector plays an important role in national development and strengthening of economy of a country and the goal of national progress and prosperity could be achieved by promoting public private partnership.

“The government is aware of the problems facing businesspersons because of energy crisis and the federal government will be contacted over the issue,” the CM said this while talking to a delegation of different Chambers of Commerce and Industry led by Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry VC Iftikhar Ali Malik at Chief Minister’s Secretariat Monday.

He stressed the need for enhancing trade, economic and cultural cooperation between the countries of the region. He expressed the hope that the policy makers would take steps for further enhancing trade activities between the countries of the region so that the atmosphere of confidence-building could be promoted.

Sethi said that ensuring the holding of transparent, free, fair and impartial elections is foremost priority of caretaker government and no effort would be spared for this purpose.

He assured that elections would be held on time and peaceful atmosphere would be ensured for electoral process.  He said that the accountability of anyone is not the task of caretaker government but it is to ensure holding of transparent and peaceful elections.

He said that the entire government machinery is active for achieving this goal. The Chief Minister said that the caretaker government would discharge its responsibilities by remaining within its mandate so that no one could raise accusing figure on it.

Sethi said he wanted to do something for the betterment of the people and community but the caretaker has the sole agenda of holding peaceful and transparent elections. The chief minister said that the caretaker government has to discharge its responsibilities within the constitution and abide by law and the constitution.

He said that the team of an impartial administration has been constituted in the province. He said that the priorities of caretaker government are very clear. The chief minister said that the reshuffling in bureaucracy in Punjab has not been made on the basis of liking or disliking of anyone but we have adopted a principled stance under the instructions of Election Commission.

On the proposal of setting up industrial estates in various areas, He said that caretaker government could evolve a strategy in this regard but establishment of industrial estates is the mandate of elected representatives.

He said that commercialization is utmost essential for national economy, however, formulating commercialization policy is the responsibility of elected government.