LAHORE – Former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has vowed to better education system after coming to power thought ballot.

“Like the Metro Bus Service (also known as Rapid Bus Transit), rapid education system will be introduced to provide modern education to the poor,” the former chief minister said while talking to the party workers on Monday.

“After coming to power, our government will spend Rs700 billion on education in the five years,” he said, adding, “We will also legislate to ensure 100 per cent enrollment in schools besides establishing two Danish Schools – one each for boys and girls.” He said that people were well-aware that the PML-N always stood by the promises it made during its election campaign. The projects like Metro Bus Service, cardiology hospitals, Danish Schools, Laptop Distribution Scheme and Ujala Programme speak volumes of its performance, he added.

However, Shahbaz added that those who wanted to bring about so-called change had nothing to offer except hollow claims.

“How can those people who lived luxuriously throughout understand the sufferings of the common people, he questioned.

Shahbaz said the PML-N government in Punjab stood by people during the testing times – be it dengue outbreak, floods or power outages. “But the so-called well-wishers of people enjoyed the pleasant weather of Europe at that time,” he said.