LAHORE – The electricity shortfall is hovering around 5000MW with worst load shedding in rural and urban areas of the country.

Hydel generation is about 2500MW due to least outflow of water from major dams and the rest 7000MW is being contributed by the independent power plants (IPPs) and Wapda owned power generation companies (Gencos).

“The hydel generation will increase 1500MW in coming week as water outflow would increase for irrigation requirements,” said the Wapda official. In next week, electricity generation would touch 11000MW but the gap between demand and supply further widened if the arrangement of fuel for power plants would not arrange.

The Lesco is conducting 12 hours load shedding in Lahore and 14 to 16 hours in the rural limits. Most of the city feeders are conducting consecutive power cuts of two to three hours in Lahore which causes severe water shortage and other problems in some areas.

The Gepco and Fesco are conducting 14 hours average load shedding while the Mepco and Iesco’s limits are under the grip of 12 hours, said sources.