By levelling the charges that Pakistan is a danger to India and is responsible for covert warfare in the Held Valley, Indian Defence Minister A. K. Antony is parroting just what he and others of his calibre have been ‘programmed’ to say. And as usual, he turned to venting frustration over China’s control of Gwadar port, something that throws into relief Indian apprehension at growing Pak-China friendship.

This venom spitting is part and parcel of New Delhi’s routine meant to instil hatred in the minds of its public that Pakistan is a ‘permanent’ enemy, hatred which keeps the Indian war machine well oiled and the sordid games of RAW and the Indian extremists political classes. He is also forgetting the fact that what he is referring to as the covert warfare is actually the people’s expression of the will to exercise their right of self-determination granted to them by the UN to decide their fate. And that right was given because it was none other than Pundit Nehru who took the matter to the UN in order to settle the unfinished agenda of the departing Britain. But he later reneged on his own commitment and since then Indian leaders have been relying on the naked use of force to tame and subdue the people and we have been hearing phraseology such as ‘integral part’. The peace that the Indians are so desperately keen to achieve is linked to a just and quick settlement of the Kashmir issue.