The greatest example of judicial activism was set in Pakistan, when a nine month old was presented in court, and that too in the most efficiently governed and the largest province of Pakistan. An ‘unprecedented’ precedence has been set by the ‘unprecedented’ court of ‘unprecedented justice’, the entire world, including Guinness Book of World Records is watching this display.

Full marks should be given to our lower judiciary over its unprecedented endeavour to pre-empt crime in this crime infested country. The new concept of justice has been invented and implemented. People always complained that law does not treat everyone equal in Pakistan; but this landmark incident, of dispensation of justice, would silence all critics of Pakistani judicial system! Every one witnessed that the law treated a grandfather, father and the 9 month old grandson alike. What else can be demand in the name of Justice? The incident would go down in the history of the country as one of the greatest of its kind and would help to curb crime in future.

This should be an eye opener for the PM and CM Sharif’s it is clear how our police process a crime, what actions are taken and how our judiciary acts. With all this we must congratulate our brave judiciary and legal community for coming up with such perceptions and depth of investigation and knowledge, where a judge grants bail to a nine-month old child?. It would also be extremely unfair if Punjab government is not praised for their extraordinary display of efficient, Guinness book recognized, world class governance. Let us keep our finger crossed and see some more World Records being made in this miraculous province.


Australia, April 13.