ISLAMABAD- The chairperson, defense of Human Rights Amina Janjua has expressed regretful woe over being deeply disappointed by discouraging attitude of Nawaz Sharif government.

Talking to journalists at the National Press Club, Islamabad, she said that justice for missing persons was becoming more difficult to attain with every passing moment, while “the very Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who was our perceived savoir was trying to induct draconian measures in shape and form of PPO (Pakistan Protection Ordinance), to gobble more innocent, unsuspecting sons and daughters of more helpless and tearful parents.

“Despite the weakening of secret hands responsible for woes of missing persons, these are yet relentless in their pursuance of oppressive black deeds, and quite often endeavor to mislead courts”, she charged, adding that she had only taken to resistance for the release of her missing husband and others, and still sought justice, for which she was struggling despite all odds.

Declaring Supreme Court of Pakistan as her strong hope for justice , she said that merely the videolink testimony of the ultimate witness , Imran Munir was suffice to resolve the entire issue of release and recovery of Masood Janjua. “What remains to be observed is as to how doers the Apex Court stands out against hidden hands, operating in form of untraced calls and anonymous threatening letters”, she challenged. She said that she had gained a lot of experience during her 9-year struggle and did not want any confrontation with any institution, cautioning that if the case of Masood Janjua was given a wrong turn, she would revert to an unlimited sit-in.