MULTAN-Former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani reiterated on Tuesday that the trial against Musharraf should be begun from October 12, 1999 and all those involved in the coup with Msuharraf should be indicted.

Addressing a conference on Striving for Rule of Law and Significance of Independent Prosecution Service organized by Centre for Research and Security Studies here at a local hotel, he added that all those who supported Musharraf committed violation of Article 6 and therefore all of them should be tried.

He lamented that fair trial was not conducted in all the cases he faced. “Musharraf created cases against me for giving jobs and sentenced me to 15 year jail. I was asked to quit party and the cases will be withdrawn but I did not accept their offer,” he claimed. He added that his name was included in all cases to make them important. He said that he was not given justice when he was removed from Prime ministership, adding that how on earth a three-member bench changed the decision of a five-member bench and rejected the opinion given by Speaker Fehmida Mirza. He said that when the court sought opinion from Speaker Fehmida Mirza on whether or not Article 62/63 could be enforced of Yousuf Raza Gilani, he did not meet her for one and a half months and she gave opinion on merit but it was rejected by the court.

He said that society could not gain strength without justice. He added that the constitution give the right to fair trial to the citizens. Citing the example of dissolution of Benazir Government, he said justice was denied to the PPPP in that case. “When I moved court on the issue, the then Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said to me that I was still speaker of national assembly and thus my privilege was intact and I could not pursue the case,” he recalled. He added that the former president Ishaq Khan had said after deposing the Benazir Government that he had bathed the corpse and now it had to be buried by others.  “What kind of justice is this?” he questioned.  He said that he was the only speaker after moulvi Tameez Uddin who moved court against dissolution of government.

He criticised Protection of Pakistan Bill and declared it a weird law. “What kind of law is this which asks a person to prove himself innocent while there is no case registered against him?” he posed a question. He said that the people had to face the same situation in NAB too.

Teams set up to swoop on pirs: Special teams have been constituted by the district administration to arrest fake aamils in view of a recent tragedy in which a youth lost his life while searching for hidden treasure on a tip given to him by a fake aamil.

The youngster namely Zeeshan dug a long tunnel underneath his house in search of treasure and was buried alive when the tunnel collapsed. His body was recovered by Rescue 1122 personnel after a 40-hour long operation.

DCO Zahid Saleem Gondal said that the persons responsible for the death of Zeeshan would be caught and punished, adding that those playing with the faiths of people under the guise of spiritual leadership did not deserve any relaxation. He said that the district administration would make such elements an example for others so that no one could mislead innocent people in future. He disclosed that dozens of persons were arrested during a campaign against wall chalking, posters and banners inscribed with hate material as the campaign moved forward successfully. He added that the black acts and heinous activities of fake aamils would be unearthed and made public with a view to making people aware of their reality.

Encroachments eliminated

Meanwhile, the DCO visited Shujabad town and got launched a drive against encroachments under his supervision. A special team carried out operation at Rail Bazaar, Saddar Chowk and others areas and took into custody different items besides demolishing encroachments. He directed the local officials to continue operation without accepting any political pressure. He declared that he would carry out two weekly visits of Shujabad and Jalalpur Pirwala to hold open courts and listen to the people directly.