LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has said that democracy cannot successfully deliver in the countries where accountability is not ensured.

Addressing a sitting on “Pakistan and Western Democracy” at TECH Society Club on Tuesday, he said that unfortunately we were still indulged in the debate whether democracy was allowed in Islam or not. He said democracy was successful in Britain and the West because of high ratio of education and strict system of accountability.

“A common man can reach the parliament as public representative on the basis of his capabilities in United Kingdom but unfortunately it is not possible in Pakistan,” he said, adding that the Western societies also have double standards particularly in the case of Gaza and Iraq.

National Assembly Former Speaker Syed Fakhar Imam, former federal law minister SM Zafar, Qayyum Nizami, Zubair Sheikh, Jameel Gishkori and Dr Sadiq also spoke on the occasion.

SM Zafar said that there was no fault in democracy or Islam rather democracy was the best system. He said politicians had unduly influenced and hijacked our democratic system and waiting for their terms of government.

Qayyum Nizami said that it was the beauty of Western democracy that their political parties elect their office bearers democratically whereas in Pakistan feudal democracy was effective. He informed that one third parliamentarians in United Kingdom were educated from Oxford while in Pakistan fake degree holders were sitting in the parliaments.

“Another fault of Pakistani democratic system is that it is not connected with good governance. Our democratic system is neither Islamic nor truly democratic rather a status quo,” Nizami added.

He proposed national government for four years through peaceful public revolution and they should introduce effective reforms in our democratic system to elect real public representatives who could deliver according to the expectations of public.

Fakhar Imam said that some hidden powers were continuously trying to fail democracy in Pakistan.