ISLAMABAD- The Supreme Court of Pakistan today, rejected the report on the 35 missing persons’ case, submitted by Ministry of Defence.

The apex court sought report from the federal government that why District Coordination Officer (DCO) Malakand has closed the case. The Ministry of Defence in its report stated that action against Naib Subedar Amanullah Baig, who picked 35 persons from Malakand detention center, would be taken under Pakistan Army Act, 1952. It further stated that Baig is a serving Army personnel and his case is subject to Army Act.

Therefore, DCO Malakand was asked to close the case in Levy Post Malakand and shifted the same to Army authority for investigation and subsequent trial under Pakistan Army Act. It is significant to recall that the case under Human Rights Case (HRC) 29388-k/2013 was lodged in the SC and submitted an FIR 11 on 20th March 2014 in Levy Post Malakand against Naib Subedar Amanullah Baig and others under section 346 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).