ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has sought a report from the Defence Ministry on details about the proceedings being initiated under the Army Act against military officers found involved in enforced disappearances.

The court also sought from the Punjab government’s forensic laboratory DNA test reports till May 6 in respect of the dead bodies recovered from mass graves in Khuzdar.

Justice Nasirul Mulk remarked, “Why is so much time being spent on DNA tests of the dead bodies? Maintaining law and order situation in the province is legal and constitutional obligation of the state. Occurrence of such incidents daily is alarming and these cannot be overlooked. We cannot see chaos in Balochistan. The elements involved in enforced disappearances should be punished as per law.”

Justice Anwar Zahir Jamali remarked, “Recovery of dead bodies from the mass graves is a matter of grave concern. The problems will not be solved unless rule of law and the Constitution prevails in this country. Balochistan is burning and no one is caring for it.”

A two-member bench of the SC, led by Justice Nasirul Mulk, took up Balochistan violence case for hearing Tuesday. The court was told during the course of hearing that the government had decided to try under Army Act the FC and military officers found involved in enforced disappearances in Balochistan and that proceedings were being initiated in this regard.

The court sought a report on the progress made so far. “Present details before it in this regard,” the court remarked.

A report on recovery of dead bodies from the mass graves in Khizdar was presented before the court. It was stated that DNA test could take four to five months as 7 to 8 weeks were required for DNA test of one dead body. The court expressed annoyance over it and remarked the DNA tests should not take so much time. “Tell us why such a long period is needed for it. Present the DNA test report till May 6 and give the names of the military officers being tried under Army Act,” the court said adjourned the hearing till May 6.