CALIFORNIA-Kristen Stewart is bummed that she missed Coachella. The actress decided to skip the music festival so she would be fresh and rested on the set of her upcoming flick American Ultra, which begins filming on April 15.

But Kristen’s decision meant she couldn’t spend her birthday with Robert Pattinson. ‘Kristen is super bummed that she missed Coachella. She planned on going but decided to stay in New Orleans. She wanted to be fresh and rested,’ a source told HollywoodLife.

‘Of course she’s disappointed that she didn’t get to hang out with Rob - that was really the main reason she wanted to go in the first place. But we sent her funny pics and texts and so did Rob.

Rob was seen hanging out with pal Katy Perry at the festival, leading us to wonder if Kristen was jealous of their relationship. ‘Kristen doesn’t care if Rob and Katy spend time together,’ the friend explains. ‘She knows they are just friends. She just wishes she could have been there, but her works comes first.’