LAHORE - World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) has signed an MoU to officially implement the Green Office Programme at the PTCL head office.

Through this environmental initiative for professional organisations, WWF-Pakistan will help PTCL monitor and reduce its carbon footprint. PTCL will receive certification as a “Green Office” once it fulfils all criteria of the programme.

Mazhar Hussain, Chief HR Officer, PTCL said, “We want to implement Green Office in full spirit and expand this programme to our institutions and regional offices all across Pakistan”. Signing up for the Green Office programme will minimise our natural resource consumption and engage employees to play their role in climate change mitigation and urban sustainability issues, he added. Dr Ejaz Ahmad, Senior Director, WWF-Pakistan; Shahab Durrani, General Manager Admin and Maintenance, PTCL; Shahzad Safdar, EVP HR, PTCL; Nazifa Butt, Coordinator GO, WWF-Pakistan and Ahmad Khan, Marketing Officer GO, WWF-Pakistan were present at the signing ceremony.

The programme is an integral component of WWF-Pakistan’s environmental and sustainability work in Pakistan. Certification is provided to companies and organisations after a rigorous programme implementation and evaluation process.

At the end, almost everyone agreed that reduction in carbon footprint is the key to sustainable future and in this crucial time when Pakistan is facing a major energy crisis, all corporate entities working in the country should opt for using natural resources in a responsible way to minimise cost and maximise the energy available to them.

WWF-Pakistan initiated its Green Office Programme in 2009 with the idea of bringing down the consumption of natural resources in offices and also promoting renewable energy resources. Since then, WWF Green Office has successfully enrolled 19 companies, making 28 offices into its network. The programme aims to help organisations reduce their resource consumption, subsequent costs and carbon footprint as well.