Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has asked the inspector general of Islamabad police office to vacate the house being used as its office in sector F-7/1 for falling it under ‘nonconforming use,’ said the sources on Wednesday.

A notice sent to the IGP office by the building control section (BCS) of the CDA said that “it has come to the notice of the authority that the residential house is being used as an office which is tantamount to nonconforming use of residential house under clause 2.17.3 of Islamabad Residential Section Zoning Building Regulation-2005 and section 49-C of CDA ordinance, 1960.” The notice further said, “You are directed to remove this nonconforming use within period of 15 days from the date of issuance of this letter.”

It further said, “In case of non-compliance, the case shall be referred to the court of law and action will be taken at your risk and cost.” The sources further said that the IG office had neither responded to the CDA nor has complied with the directions despite the lapse of more than one week.

In case, the office failed to comply with the directions, the sources said the case will be referred to deputy commissioner CDA Islamabad for further action.

The CDA move is part of its operation against the nonconforming use of residential buildings in the city. The CDA is carrying out operation on the directions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and standing committees of the parliament. According to a report, 2,037 residential buildings in the city are being used for commercial activities. As many as 53 of these houses are in E sector, 905 in F sector, 461 in G sector, 375 in I sector and 279 such houses are in the model villages.

The violators of land use norms also include Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, as its central secretariat is located in a house in sector G-6/2.

The same goes for Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, with its central office located at a residential unit of sector F-8/3, and the Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Q, which also operate at residential properties. According to the report, violators also include foreign missions of Lebanon, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Ukraine, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Oman, Afghanistan, Romania, Bahrain, Jordan, South Africa and Brazil. Most of private education institutes in the city represent the second-largest chunk of violators. They include Beacon House, City School, Head Start, Roots and Froebel’s. Offices of the United Nations and NGOs have also their setups in residential areas. Some restaurants, guesthouses, hospitals/clinics, beauty parlours/boutiques and embassies are still using residential houses for commercial purposes.