LAHORE - A writ petition was moved on Wednesday to the Supreme Court seeking directions for the federal government to include the role of Christians in Pakistan Movement in national educational curriculum.

Nathaniel Gill, a Christian, had filed the petition in SC Lahore Registry. He said Christians offered great sacrifices for Pakistan and voted for its creation. He says Hindu and Sikhs were against the creation of Pakistan, but the Christian community stood by Quaid-i-Azam and took an active part in the movement.

The petitioner says the sacrifices rendered by Christians are not available in the books of Pakistan Studies and History. He says the act of not recognising the sacrifices of Christians is negation of the Constitution and amounts to discourage the community in the country.

Therefore, he prays that the government be directed to add chapters in the textbooks on the role of the Christians in Pakistan Movement.

Upgrade station masters,


Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday ordered the federal government to upgrade post of station master at all railways’ stations across the country in a contempt petition filed against Railways General Manager.

Ali Mashravi, president of Station Masters’ Association, filed the petition saying that higher authorities of the ministry of railways were not upgrading the post of station masters. He said the court had already ordered the ministry to upgrade the post but despite that the post was not upgraded.

He stated this act of the government was the contempt of court and it would also affect the station masters who were 2353. He requested the judge to initiate contempt proceedings against the Railways authorities.

However, Railways’ General Manager told the judge that a summery had been sent to the ministry for the up gradation of the post in the light of the order of the court. On it, the judge ordered the Railways ministry to implement the previous order and disposed of the petition.

Decide PTI ticket-holder case, LHC to EC

The Lahore High Court on Wednesday directed the Punjab election commissioner to decide the applications of candidates of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf within two days in petitions seeking directions for ECP regarding withdrawal of their tickets by their party for the election of cantonment areas.

Sajjad Hussain Kharal and other petitioners had filed the petition saying that they filed their nominations being ticket-holders of the PTI. However, they said, before issuance of final list of the candidates, the PTI withdrew their tickets and issued to other candidates.

Petitioners said they submitted their applications to the ECP, but no action was taken so far. They pleaded that the act of the PTI was violation of election rules.

The court disposed of the petitions and directed the election commissioner of Punjab to decide the matter of the petitioners within two days.

ASIF HASHMI: The LHC gave last chance to the ministry of interior to submit reply in the case of Asif Hashmi accused of corruption of millions of rupees. A deputy attorney general sought time to submit reply. On it, the judge gave him last chance to submit reply and adjourn the case until April 24.