KPK government is often criticized for shunning women from running of the province affairs at ministerial level as there is no women minister in the cabinet. In fact KPK government has even eliminated the ministry on women affairs; let alone appointing any women minister on other portfolios. In this backdrop when PTI’s chairman’ wife, Reham Khan, is appointed by the KPK government as ‘Ambassador for Street Children’, we should celebrate the occasion, not question her appointment.

PTI has long been claiming it’s not a ‘family’ party, doesn’t believe in ‘heredity’ politics wherein party head’ relatives control the party and government affairs. Earlier Imran Khan openly criticized his rivals, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari for running their parties as family businesses, appointing relatives and cronies at lucrative positions.

Maryam Nawaz was heading a government-sponsored youth loan program and was removed on Lahore High Court’ orders. Asefa could be seen helping her father in running of Sindh. Let’s forget and put aside PTI’ criticism of other party heads for promoting their children and also ignore why there is no women minister in KPK cabinet; let’s welcome Reham Khan to Chief Minister house wherein she addresses elected members of the provincial assembly.

Please forgive me asking one question, has KPK government given this much respect to a now-forgotten daughter of the province, Malala Yousifzai? Any idea why launching of her biography was stopped by the KPK government?


Saudi Arab, April 12.