LAHORE  - Dutch Ambassador Marcel de Vink welcomed the very first pedigree Dutch dairy cows in Pakistan during a visit to Nishat Dairies in Kot Sarwar near Sukheke.

On a tour of his farm, Mian Mansha showed the ambassador the 1280 animals that had recently been flown and shipped in, and have since acclimatised very well to the Pakistani climate. Nishat Dairies has now expanded their herd to over 6000 animals.  “It is great to see for myself that these tough animals from my country now thrive in Pakistan,” said De Vink. “Their first calves born here in Pakistan are doing very well, and milk production is up already. It’s a very encouraging sign for the cattle trade between our countries that resumed last December.”

The Ambassador also commended Mian Mansha for his pioneering spirit. “Nishat Dairies has taken the lead in modernising Pakistan’s dairy sector by being the first to invest in the world-class dairy cattle from the Netherlands. They now flourish in Pakistan as they have in Egypt and Iraq. I’m sure this success will arouse the interest of many farmers in Pakistan,” said De Vink.

Mian Mansha said: “It is a pleasure to welcome the ambassador at our farms, and to show him how Nishat farms are dedicated to providing the best, safest and healthiest milk. This commitment to excellence informed our decision to choose Dutch cows. Farm Manager Steve Townsend is taking their production levels to 35+ litre average.”  With 2000 litres more per lactation on average, Dutch heifers are an important part of achieving these targets.

“They are crucial to achieving our output of 150,000 litres a day”, he continued.

The Netherlands forms the cradle of the renowned Holstein Friesian cow, where this fine race has been bred to extraordinary productivity and longevity over centuries. Dutch Holstein Friesian cows can produce more than 30,000kg of milk in a lifetime; a yield that is unmatched worldwide. The Netherlands therefore exports 35,000 dairy cows per year to destinations ranging from Morocco to Kazakhstan. Since the lifting of import restrictions on dairy cattle from the Netherlands last October, Pakistani farms already invested in some 1600 Dutch cows, with many more expected to follow in autumn.

Nishat Dairy is already working closely with local farmers in genetics and training, and will work with them to import more Dutch cattle to share the costs. Furthermore, Nishat Dairy is environmentally conscience and has recently installed a large solar park to provide energy to the farm.