The Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) heavily shelled Pakistani border villages in Shakargarh Sector of Sialkot Working Boundary on Wednesday, badly damaging several houses of the local villagers.

According to the Sialkot based senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, the Indian BSF started unprovoked heavy shelling on Pakistani villagers in Shakargarh Sector in this evening at 05:30 pm, which remained continued for half hour till 06:00 pm.

The officials added that the Indian BSF targeted the civilian population damaging houses of the local by shelling. Indian BSF also fired several heavy mortar shells which damaged some houses. The Indian shelling created panic and harassment among the local people

The Chenab Rangers retaliated instantly and effectively in befitting manners, making the Indian guns silent, the CR officials added. No injury or loss of any life reported, the senior Chenab Rangers (CR) officials confirmed.