LAHORE - PML-Q president Ch Shujaat Hussain said that Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan should not have acted in haste in giving reaction to the statement of UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

He said the language and not so cautious tone Nisar had used in giving the reaction which is against diplomatic norms. He said if Pakistan govt had any objection to the statement of the UAE Minister of State, the response to this should have come from the Foreign Ministry.

The UAE minister’s statement should have been regarded as expression of displeasure and not threat, as Pakistan and UAE friendly relations spread over decades and like Saudi Arabia UAE has always supported Pakistan in every difficult time, he added.  In a statement issued here Wednesday, Ch Shujaat said that Pakistan was made laughing stock throughout the world the manner irresponsible debate was held in the Parliament and afterwards vague resolution was adopted. He said his party stance right from the first day has been that Pakistan should unconditional support Saudi Arabia in this testing time and now the United Nations — UN’s Security Council has also endorsed the party.

Ch Shujaat further said that for giving explanation regarding situation created by irresponsible attitude of Pakistan, now Shahbaz Sharif has to go to Saudi Arabia and Nawaz Sharif has to say that the spirit of the resolution of the Parliament was not understood at all properly.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE are not so illiterate that they could not understand the substance of the resolution. He said that the govt saying that the resolution was not properly understood is like committing another sin to justify the sin.