ISLAMABAD - The flooding of Judicial Commission, probing the alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections, by major political parties across the spectrum has serious political implications as most of the parties, part of the system, are out to doubt and taint the electoral exercise on the basis of which the incumbent political system came into existence both in provinces and at federal level.

Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf, which seemed all alone in the fight for getting the audit of the last general elections till the formation of a Judicial Commission, is now joined by political parties sitting on both sides of the aisle in the Parliament, to prove that the 2013 general elections were blatantly rigged and the assemblies and governments formed as a result of the ‘rigged elections’ at federal and provincial levels stand no legal and moral authority.

Anticipating the seriousness of the matter, ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has constituted both legal and political teams to deal with the matter both in the Judicial Commission and media to highlight the party’s point of view on day to day developments.

The legal team comprises Khalid Anwar, Makhdoom Ali Khan, Khawaja Haris and Mustafa Ramday while the political team will consist of Talal Chaudhry, Rohail Asghar and Riaz Malik. More party leaders as well as legal brains could be added in these teams if need be, a party leader close to Premier Sharif informed.

Sources in the ruling PML-N informed that initially the party leadership was of the view that PML-N would stay out of the proceedings of the Judicial Commission and the legal and constitutional support the commission would require would be met through Attorney General and other govt functionaries.

But on seeing the mainstream political parties jumping into the fray and anticipating trouble and messing up of things in days ahead, PM Nawaz Sharif after consulting close confidants decided to proactively defend the party’s case on all fronts and hence constituted legal and political teams.

Ironically, these parties are going to challenge the mandate of each other in different parts of the country with Jamaat Islami challenging the fairness of elections in Karachi and charging Muttahid Qoumi Movement of indulging in blatant rigging to steal their mandate in the port city, a senior politician from the province, commented.

While both JUI-F, an ‘estranged ally’ of ruling PML-N, and Awami National Party are going to challenge the mandate of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where it is running a coalition govt with Jamaat Islami and Awami Jhamoori Ittehad.

Pakistan People’s Party has also decided to jump into the fray and become party to the exercise of scrutiny of 2013 general elections for which it has constituted a legal team under the head of Barrister Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan. Awami National Party leader talking to The Nation said that they would present their case before the Judicial Commission and would bring to its notice that how they were subjected to terrorists’ threats and their election campaign across the province was marginalised, while some other parties were allowed to conduct their election campaigns freely, which according to him was a worst sort of pre-poll rigging.

He said that their election rallies and processions were attacked while in the same environment certain parties were allowed to carry on with their campaigns without any fear.

Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) leadership has also decided to join the Judicial Commission probe and their counsel Dr Khalid Ranjha would be presenting the party’s point of view before the commission that how their majority in some constituencies was turned into their defeat.

He alleged that 2013 General Elections were blatantly rigged and the mandate of various parties in various areas had been stolen.

PML-Q leadership, however, stressed the need of bringing radical electoral reforms in what they termed the flaw-full prevalent electoral system in the country so that no one could steal the mandate of any party in future elections.

The other major parties are going to testify before the Judicial Commission with proofs against the rigging in last general elections included National People’s Party, Balochistan National Party-Awami, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Mohajir Qoumi Movement and a number of individuals and organizations, including FAFEN monitoring the elections process in the country and suggesting ways and means to make it more fair and transparent.