New York

Rumer Willis found going to high school ‘’weird’’. The 26-year-old star and her sisters Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 21, spent a lot of their childhoods travelling round movie sets with their famous parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant says her unconventional upbringing had both advantages and disadvantages. She explained: ‘’I’ve travelled to some really incredible places, but my basic math skills are horrendous. It’s an interesting trade-off. ‘’In high school I had a much easier time interacting with adults than with my peers. So that [period] was a weird transition.’’  The ‘House Bunny’ star admits she has felt judged just because she is the daughter of two movie stars. She told PEOPLE magazine: ‘’People have such an immediate judgement of me because I have tattoos or because my hair is sometimes crazy. [They think] I’m this reckless child of famous parents. ‘’Just because I was their kid, I started getting attention before my own work got recognition.’’

These days, Rumer is feeling more confident about herself than ever and is excited about figuring out what she wants from the future. She said: ‘’For the first time in my life I’ve gotten to a place where I’m really stoked about just taking care of myself and figuring out what I want.’’