Recently a school in Peshawar was turned into a slaughter house. The massacre of hundreds of innocent souls, in the name of revenge, was carried out by the so called champions of religion. And as if one incident wasn’t enough another was carried out with the same MO in Kenya University, where Non- Muslim students were annihilated in the same manner by Shabab militant group.

Details unveiled how a handful of fighters, with few weapons managed to kill 150 students. Many students said that the university had been warned about a possible attack but no safety measures were taken and the fate of the university rested in the hands of two guards. History shows that Shabab has killed hundreds of Kenyans before on buses, in churches with the same MO.

They claim it to be a payback for Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia. Both the incidents were similar, yet why one was reported and flashed widely and the other was totally ignored by our local media. The question that must be asked here is does journalism only operates on proximity factor and do they highlight only internal strife, ignoring anything that happens somewhere else? The most distressing news is that non-Muslims were targeted; Muslims or non-Muslim, killing humans does not justify anyone’s objective. No one should be allowed to spill blood.


Lahore, April 12.