LAHORE - Wheat was sown on 17.075 million acres during Rabi 2014-15 in Punjab province and production has been estimated at 19.54 million tons which is 1% less compared to wheat harvested in 2013-14.

According to Crop Reporting Services, Punjab wheat sowing target was fixed 16.5 million acres during 2014-15 whereas crop was sown on 17.075 million acres. The report says that wheat production has been estimated as 19.541 million tons this year compared with production of 19.7 million tons harvested in 2013-14. According to spokesman of Agriculture Department, reason for 1% expected decrease in wheat production this year is due to rains and hail storms in some parts of Punjab which has affected the standing wheat crop. The spokesman has advised farmers to follow precautionary measures during harvesting, threshing and storage of wheat and proper attention should be given to weather forecasts, telecast/broadcast through TV channels and Radio, while planning harvesting and threshing operations.

The spokesman said that in view of recommendations of experts, wheat crop should not be harvested during rains. He urged that crop harvesting should be managed with combine harvester or reaper to complete the operation hurriedly. The spokesman further said that for storage purpose moisture in wheat grains should be 10% and recommended pesticides should be sprayed to control pests for its safe storage.