Perhaps it was silly to expect the UN to stop the attack on Yemen to begin with, though it was created to do such things. Still, the resolution passed by its Security Council came as a big disappointment. It puts an arms embargo against groups fighting for change in Yemen and does nothing to restrain the coalition of aggressors bombing schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and refugee camps, committing one war crime after another.

The recent UNSC resolution is just another proof of how useless the UN is in enforcing its mandate. It presides over a crumbling world order where countries are free to attack other countries on any cooked up pretext with complete disregard for international law. The day is carried by power and propaganda. The important question remains: If not the UN, who will bell the kings drunk on dollars and an empire gone crazy?

Encouraged by imperial masters who put them on their gilded thrones, the GCC kings are in no mood to listen to sane advice even from those they hypocritically call their brothers. They want Turkey and Pakistan to march to their war-drums without ifs and buts and become unquestioning characters in the imperial script as their royal highnesses have gladly chosen to become, sowing chaos and violence in their neighborhood and beyond.

They don’t wish to hear about a negotiated settlement between the runaway Yemeni president hiding in Riyadh and the movement that has displaced him, a movement that is armed but also enjoys popular support. They would like to discredit the armed resistance in Yemen against US-Saudi imperialism by blaming it all on ‘Iran-backed Shia militants’. And they’d like to bomb them all to hell, never mind the cost Yemen and its people must pay in the process.

So the kings are not happy that Pakistan has decided to stay neutral and mediate, and they have shown that displeasure through their mouthpieces. After all the kings consider us to be poor slaves who should always be at their beck and call. The UAE junior foreign minister went so far as to threaten us. And the Saudi adviser on religious affairs termed our offer to mediate a joke. He went on to meet our maulanas at the Saudi embassy in Islamabad to fan their pro-war sentiments. The kings don’t like to hear no for an answer.

We should thank the security establishment for keeping us out of this war. Otherwise, the eagerness of the Nawaz government to join the coalition attacking Yemen has been obvious from day one. The prime minister keeps harping on the security of our holy places and the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia though the resistance in Yemen doesn’t pose a threat to either. He has already watered down the parliamentary resolution on neutrality in Yemen, calling Saudi Arabia a strategic ally and delegitimizing the Yemeni resistance as a stake-holder. He says Pakistan will mediate under Saudi guidance. And all this even before the empire’s dark wizard John Kerry called him up.

Can Pakistan hope to be a mediator given the government’s partisan perspective? The Nawaz government’s slithery posturing has diminished the hope that Pakistan and Turkey could spearhead an initiative supported by other OIC members to bring the warring factions to the negotiating table. Turkey has its own axes to grind and one doesn’t see the leadership among the OIC that could rise above petty considerations and sincerely rally the Muslim world towards a peaceful resolution of the Yemen crisis. The kings don’t wish to hear anything about a negotiated settlement in any case.

The kings, and the empire that pulls their strings, would like to have it all their way. They’d like to impose their man on the people of Yemen come what may, just like they would like to bring down the Assad regime in Syria at any cost. The empire considers it its right to change and impose regimes on countries around the world. In the case of Yemen, it is using its royal pawns in the Middle East to do its dirty work, choreographing the gory drama from the back-stage. The lawlessness, violence and misery that blight Libya and Iraq are not deterring factors for the empire. That’s the future it has planned for Yemen and its royal puppets are executing the imperial plans without giving a thought to how they are setting their region aflame.

Is there no stopping them? Are we doomed to see one beautiful country after another being destroyed by their power games? How many more millions of innocent civilians must pay the price for their greed? How many peaceful societies must be torn apart through the induction of their divisive terrorist proxies? As if poisoning young minds with violent sectarian dogma through seminaries sponsored by their royal highnesses across the Muslim world was not enough, the kings are now blatantly and directly amplifying the Sunni-Shia discourse. With their trillions of dollars and the backing of the biggest arms exporter in the world, we can’t wait for their arsenals to be exhausted. They would destroy our world a few times over before that happens.

So who will stop them? The UN is useless and the OIC is clueless. Actually, Pakistan could play a constructive role in the present crisis, but we must polish up our position and discard the meaningless rhetoric about standing by Saudi Arabia and the security of our holy places. The crisis must be defined within the larger framework of international law and the need to observe it. Our diplomatic efforts must not be restricted to Muslim countries. We must engage with countries that are already not very happy with the empire and its unilateral military adventures.

To my mind, rallying international opinion against wars of aggression seems to be the only option. It will mobilize a global resistance to military interventions engineered by the empire and the countless war crimes it commits as a routine. If you think this is an unworkable idea, please come up with something better- anything to stop this murderous march of history.