Lahore is the second populous city of Punjab. With its population growing rapidly transportation demands have also increased. In the metropolitan every hour has become rush hour.

Canal road runs through the heart of the city serving the busiest routes. The narrow segments of road cause gridlocks and traffic jams leading to stress, anxiety and frustration among public. The inability of the road to allow swift flow of transportation is the prove that canal road is in dire need of expansion.

The rumor that expansion of canal road will destroy the heritage bears no truth. The expansion of canal road is being carried out under proper planning and management. Hectic efforts are being made to save and improve the heritage park.

Sadly some trees had to be cut down but Punjab Horticulture Authority (PHA) has ensured that 10 trees will be grown for the loss of 1 tree making canal road ten times greener and environment friendly. The canal road will have ample amount of trees, bushes and herbs within no time and the canopies will beautify the canal road in an exemplary way.

Let’s face it; Expansion is the requirement of time.


Lahore, April15.