Julian Assange is a free man, living in London, without a care, with Swedish attorneys confirming to the rest of the world that he is innocent and has nothing to worry about. We’re talking about a country that owns 65 percent of the world’s resources having its secrets and classified information being churned out and fed in a mocktail to all. Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning), Edward Snowden and all other major whistle blowers of the century, there has just been an interesting fodder to feed on for a short while and then everything has fell back into place. Remember when Declan Walsh gave Axact away and national television told us that the scandal was “bigger than initially imagined?” Everything fell back into place within weeks, and Bol is being fussed over being as the ‘coolest’ media house to be associated with.

So as far as the Panama Leaks whistle blowers are concerned, the sensation, will die its own death when a re-evaluation of sorts would be done. Everyone will know that it’s the country’s irrational laws that compel a white-money earner to invest off shore. We’re talking about the leading developed countries here and not just Pakistan. Back in 2014, nothing could’ve have been bigger than PAT workers and Tahirul Qadri being hate-mailed and exposed and accused for bribing people to attend dharnas. What could have been bigger and more sensational than the news of those sit-ins at that particular point in time? Didn’t we all just forgive and forget something as morbid and sordid as PTI’s stance on Naya Pakistan coming out to be false?

So now they think something wonderful has happened – the Panama Papers have given the government away! What my rational mind refuses to digest is that whatever income gained from someone in position is solely their right and property to deal with. How could it be of anyone’s business what they do with their assets? Unless there’s some sort of theft involved or a scam (as in the case for Axact), why does it bother the rest of the world? It is everyone’s business if a political party’s ethos and dynamics are involved? The trolls and followers need to know what’s next. But why would we care about how they spend their money? Spending it on the people instead could definitely be a treat but if not, there is no crime. Pakistan is the country that took 69 years to pass a bill that would ensure its women’s security. Does one really think Pakistan provided a safe haven for an individual’s finances giving them the liberty to earn to their optimum? It’s not the fault of the individual in the case of Panama Leaks. It’s the country’s laws. 

Corruption is a word thrown around more often than we would like. It’s at the tip of everyone’s tongue when dealing with people in power. What I truly admire about the PML-N as of now, the party that I’m associated with, is its confidence in its people who have chosen them and elected them to be in power. It’s the same Nawaz Sharif who let time do the talking when a million of others wanted his resignation. When the sit-ins became shameful and unbearable or a litany and a string of terrorist attacks got to many to handle, there was perseverance, patience, strategic planning and a vision with which the Prime Minister lead. Who’s with me on this?