KARACHI: The paramilitary Rangers have arrested 5 employees of University of Karachi (UoK) Administration on Friday morning.

The Rangers are already stationed inside the UoK for controlling the agitation and violence in the University on rifts and conflicts among different students unions under the banners of different political and religious parties and groups.

On Friday, the paramilitary Rangers had raided the UoK Administration Block, cordoned off the surrounding areas and none was allowed to enter or leave the Administration Block. Having searched the entire Administration Block, the paramilitary troopers arrested 5 employees.

UoK Security Adviser Khalid Iraqi has confirmed the arrest of 5 employees and said the arrested employees belong to UoK Accounts Department. However, he said he has no idea as why the paramilitary troopers have arrested those 5 employees.

It would be pertinent to mention that the annual convocation of the UoK is scheduled on Saturday and the paramilitary Rangers Director General major General Bilal Akbar had also assured the UoK administration of fool proof security during the convocation.