Let something be done for the ‘have- not’s this time. The worth of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train for the poor is just like water to the thirsty. The underprivileged segment of the society has been suffering from a constant headache due to lack of mass transit system but now Orange Line Metro Train will prove a blessing for all and sundry.

These days a handful of elites are opposing the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project. The criticism and allegations against it from the opponents are baseless. These packs of lies are part of conspiracy by the opponents so that a poor man cannot uplift the standard of his life.

The children of elites get to travel in luxury cars, they can go to the best schools, hospitals and markets in their expensive vehicles but not everyone is born with a golden spoon in their mouth. A poor man has to live hand to mouth in this age, he cannot afford to send his children to school, He cannot spare the price of taking his sick child to a hospital, and Orange Line Metro Train is a project for such people.

These elites proposed a myth that OLMT will affect historical heritage despite the fact that they never visited these heritage sites even once in their life. These elites have nothing to do with these heritage sites

Because they prioritize going to Europe along with their children, servants and dogs.

A COMMON MAN, April 15.