Healthy debate is always welcomed in a civilised society but what if the purpose of a debate is to demonise others and incite public’ religious sentiments? That’s exactly what’s happening soon after hanging of Qadri and approval of Women Protection Bill by Punjab Assembly. Both events have provided a life line to religious parties to start attacking anyone opposing their views. Qadri was hanged as per verdict passed by ATC, Lahore High Court (LHC) and Supreme Court (SC) wherein SC clearly maintained that prevailing blasphemy law is a man-made law and can be discussed/ amended. If religious parties have any issue with SC verdict, they can appeal against it. Instead they feel more comfortable by making it a religious issue to incite violence. Same is applicable for Women Protection Bill; just wonder what religious parties have to do with an human rights issue. After insulting the assembly members, they are now threatening government to either toe their line or be ready for bitter opposition.

Sadly they are not putting forward any argument but relying on rhetoric that the bill is against the norms of Sharia. How come the Sharia be for the abusing, torturing and beating of women; in my opinion they are in a way defaming religion to achieve their goals. They need to understand world is moving forward – not long ago, slavery and polygamy were also acceptable in many countries and societies. But today slavery is officially banned across the globe, even polygamy is generally discouraged. Even in the US women won the right to vote in 1920; means it’s a struggle forward in all societies and Pakistan is no exception.


Saudia Arabia, March 15.