“People who love to eat are

always the best people.”

–Julia Child

Sobrino de Botín is one of the oldest restaurants of the world. It has been continuously operating in Madrid, Spain and serves some of the finest delicacies of the city. It was opened up by a Frenchman, Jean Botin, and his wife in the heart of Spain. Sobrina de Botinis most famous for its rustic Castilian cuisine which includes succulent roast meats fired in an oven that’s close to three centuries old! It has four floors and three dining rooms: the bodega (“cellar”), the Castilla room, and the Felipe IV room. It bears the resemblance of a traditional Spanish bar. It also made its way into the Guinness Book of Records. The restaurant’s speciality of chocinilloasad, has been mentioned in the closing pages of a novel by Ernest Hemingway and a book by Benito Pérez Galdós called “Fortunata y Jacinta”. Initially, the restaurant was known as “Casa Botin”. Later it was inherited by a nephew of Jean and he altered its name to “Sobrino de Botín”, which survives to this day. Interestingly, Sobrina is the Spanish word for nephew. Its signature dish is “sopa de ajo” (an egg, poached in chicken broth, and laced with sherry and garlic). It also serves scrambled eggs with black sausage and potatoes as egg dishes are quite a popular dinner in Spain.