The chaos, lawlessness, terrorism and insecurity with almost one million killed or displaced since 1956 are a consequence of the unpardonable sins committed by the evil nexus of civil and uniformed bureaucracy. While we praise Feroze Khan Noon for acquiring Gwadar, he cannot escape the criticism for giving extension in tenure to Ayub Khan, although he had been superseded by his juniors Brig Nazir, Iftikhar and Nasir based on the adverse report given by Quaid himself. 

One of biggest crimes committed against national security and interests is the censoring of the August 11, 1947 speech by a civil bureaucrat and a self-assumed role of the guardians of our ideological boundaries. In his August 11 address, the Quaid was referring to paid bureaucracy and corrupt opportunist, political collaborators of British Raj when he stated that “ biggest curses from which India is suffering –is bribery and corruption, a poison that must be put down with an iron hand”. Immediately after his death, his legacy and vision were distorted by the mad rush to acquire evacuee property through fake claims, creating a nouveau rich class, acquiring political power; setting into motion a chain of events leading to degeneration of our society, values, with individual greed and lust for power prevailing over public interest. 

Individuals, be they Ayub, Zia, Musharraf or Asif Zardari and even Nawaz, had no moral and constitutional power to distort Quaid’s vision. They had no authority to suspend constitution and compromise the sovereignty of the country. Today, our ruling elite and their families, with assets acquired beyond their declared sources of income, live in Gulf States, the UK, and Canada etc where decisions about the fate of Pakistan continue to be made just like they were under Raj by East India Company. 

When politicians and paid public office holders with visible conflicts of interest are allowed to exercise power than the result is collapse of state funded institutions and regulatory bodies like NHA, WAPDA, Railways, PIA, KPT, PSO, CAA, State Bank, SECP, National Bank etc while the ruling elite’s individual assets grow astronomically. 


Lahore, March 27.