LAHORE - Shalamar Hospital is sending five children to America to receive advanced surgical treatment for burns and related defects.

At a press conference, Chairman of Board of Trustees Ch Ahmed Saeed, patron in chief Hashmat Effendi, Chief Operating Officer Brig (R) Dr M Naseem Ejaz and Director of Marketing Prof Bilal bin Younis briefed the press on the medical conditions of these children and the importance of their treatment in America.

Since 1997, the Hashmat Effendi Burn and Plastic Surgery Department of Shalamar Hospital has effectively treated thousands of children suffering from burns, birth defects such as cleft lip and various other ailments.

It also treats patients with physical disabilities by attaching artificial limbs to improve their mobility. The unit of Shalamar Hospital is the first 13-bed burn facility in Pakistan. The burn centre ICU houses another four beds catering to patients who need emergency care and immediate access to the unit facilities. Out of these, three beds are equipped with ventilators.

The children going to America to receive medical treatment include Zeeshan Naeem, Aqsa Majeed, Uzaifa Rasheed, Azeema Zaidi and Mahjabeen ul Allah.