The attack on the senior judiciary member who has recently been in the public eye for being part of the five-member bench presiding over the Panamagate case, comes at time of deep political strife in the country. Where the heinous attempt on the life of Justice Ahsan has roused fear and wariness, it has also turned into a smear campaign at a time when the role of the state institutions and political parties should be to allow for a swift and just investigation into apprehending the attackers.

Where the motives and allegiances of the perpetrators have yet to be ascertained opposition parties and the society at large needs to exercise deep caution in prescribing baseless accusations and innuendos that keep the rumor mills churning. Where the judges have undoubtedly suffered threats and harsh rhetoric, no connections can be drawn without proof. As such, instead of the encouraging the entire polity contributing to baseless fear-mongering, the establishment needs to delineate the intentions behind such an act of terrorism while unequivocally condemning this incident of calculated violence.

It is sad to note that where the attack has left no casualties, the broader aim of this horrifying incident seems to have left its mark which was to instill fear and perpetuate frenzy within the judiciary and state institutions alike. Such tactics that attempt to create chaos and speculation are by themselves a move to daunt society and bring it to a standstill. Where the bar association has a right to protest the heinous act, perhaps carrying out a strike to halt court proceedings and deferring due justice contributes to the calculated designs of such persecutors. Immediate inquiries and arrests need to be made, utilising all resources at hand to convey the message that the court of law and its members have to be revered and will not be intimidated.

It is important for such perpetrators to receive the message that their act of terror will be held accountable. Threatening a member of the judiciary cannot be condoned or encouraged in any manner, for such an act erodes the very foundation that upholds law and order in a country. A condemnation of such an act by all government agencies, parties and leaderships needs to be issued without throwing shade and making unfounded accusations that can only lend to further instigating the public and contributing to uprisings and misplaced vigilantism.