ISLAMABAD - The Annual Plan Coordination Committee(APCC) will Monday (today) consider a developmental portfolio of Rs1763 billion for fiscal 2018-19 for the federal PSDP and Provincial ADPs which is Rs350 billion less than the current PSDP.

For the current fiscal 2017-18 the National Economic Council approved the national development outlay at Rs2,113 billion with Rs1001 billion for Federal PSDP and Rs1112 provincial ADP.

However the developmental portfolio this year is reduced to Rs 1763 billion which includes Rs750 Federal PSDP and Rs1013 Provincial ADPs.

According the working paper of APCC available with The Nation the federal PSDP includes Rs607 billion rupee component and Rs 143 billion FEC. While provincial ADPs is Rs1013 billion which will include Rs 865 billion rupee component and Rs148 billion FEC.

Finance Division, under Medium Term Budgetary Framework, conveyed the Indicative Budget Ceiling (IBC) for development budget for 2018/19 at Rs 645 billion for development programmes of Ministries / Executing Agencies.

Since the indicated amount was not sufficient to meet the requirement of funds especially of CPEC projects, some of them awarded on Engineering Procurements Contract (EPC) mode and at advance stage of completion.

The Ministry of PD&R has received the total demand of Rs 1900 billion from line Ministries / Divisions for ongoing and new schemes for PSDP 2018/19. Through consultative meetings with Ministries / Divisions, the total demand was rationalized at Rs. 1500 billion.

However the Ministry of Planning requested the Finance Division to enhance the size of development budget to at least at Rs 1,300 billion so that all the sectors of the economy may flourish equally and follow the trajectory of balanced growth.

The Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform requested the Ministries  Divisions to prepare respective development portfolio 2018?19 adhering to the following guidelines: foreign aided projects should be provided required rupee cover CPEC projects / projects on EPC should be allocated required funds. Security related projects be allocated demanded funds for new projects in order of priority and proposed allocation should be at least 25% of the approved cost of the project as per PAC/ NEC directions.

In any case, allocation to the new projects should not be more than 10% of the IBC allocated / awarded to each ministries/divisions.  The National Development Outlay at Rs 1,763 billion including Federal PSDP of Rs 750 billion has been proposed for FY 2018/19 as per details

Ministries/Division have Rs 305 billion which includes Rs 274 billion local component and Rs 31 billion FEC. Corporations (NHA, Wapda - Power) has Rs 266 billion which includes Rs 160 billion rupee component and Rs106 billion FEC.

Special areas have Rs62 billion which includes Rs3 billion FEC and the remaining is rupee component. Federal programme Rs5 billion, ERRA Rs 7 billion

Besides Rs 105 billion is allocated Special development programme Rs 105 billion.

The proposed allocation is following, Aviation division Rs 2877.487 billion, BOI Rs 125 billion Cabinet division Rs 1066.438 million, CADD Rs 5651.266 billion which includes 450 million FEC and 5201.266 billion rupee component.

Climate change Rs 786.699 million, Commerce Division Rs 1.2 billion, communication division other than NHA has Rs 13.97 billion, defence division Rs 550 million and Rs 58.197 million for new projects, and defence production division ongoing and new Rs 2780 million.

Economic Affairs division Rs 70.200 million\Establishment division ongoing and new Rs 175.437 million, Federal education and professional training Rs 3286.508 million, Finance division Rs14015.978 million with FEC Rs3296.273 million local component Rs10719.705 million, Foreign Affairs Division Rs 200million, HEC Rs37000 million which includes Rs530 million FEC and Rs36470 local component, Housing and Works Rs 5356.824 million, Human Rights division Rs 128.860 million, Industries and production Rs1575.205 million, Information and broadcasting Rs865.000, which includes Rs 37.656 million FEC and Rs 827.344 local component, Information technology and telecom division 2656 million which includes Rs 1125 million FEC and Rs 1531 local currency component.

Interprovincial Coordination Division Rs 2252.584 and Interior Division Rs19581.535million which includes FEC of Rs 170 million and local currency component of Rs19411.535 million.

The proposed allocation for Kashmir Affairs is Rs26326.617 million which includes FEC of Rs2070 million and rupee component of Rs 24256.617 million.

Gilgit Baltistan Division has an allocation of Rs18329.000 million which includes FEC of Rs1066 million and local currency component of Rs 17263million, Law and Justice Rs 1000 million, Maritime Affairs Division Rs 10198.683 million which includes Rs 6335.260 million FEC and Rs 3863.423 million component.

Narcotics Control Division has Rs 251.207 allocation, National Food Security and Research Division has a proposed allocation of Rs 1691.510 million, National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Division has proposed allocation of Rs 25010.061 with a FEC of Rs 1046.360 million and Rs 23963.701 local component.

This also includes Rs5700 million Provincial Share in EPI Programme (To be deducted at source from Provincial transfers).

National History & Literary Heritage Division Rs 300.597 million, National Security Division, Rs 100 million , Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Rs 10000 million, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Rs 300 million, Petroleum Division Rs 560.213 million, Planning Development and Reforms Division Rs 17647.246 million, Postal Service Division Rs 370 million, Railway Division Rs 31411 million, Revenue Division Rs 1746.200 million, Science and Technological Research Division Rs 2300 million, Special Programmes has a total allocations of Rs117500 million, ERRA Rs 7500 million, Prime Minister's Global SDGs Achievement Programme, Special Federal Development Programme, Energy For All, Clean Drinking Water for all, Special Provision for completion of CPEC projects have RS 6 billion allocations.

For relief and rehabilitation of IDPs, security enhancement, Prime Minister's Youth Initiative and Gas infrastructure Development Cess 105 billion. SAFRON has Rs 27755.529 million proposed allocations which includes Rs 500 FEC and Rs 27255.529 local component, Statistics Division Rs 200 million, SUPARCO Rs 3500 million which includes Rs 1966.281 million FEC and Rs 1533.719 local component, Textile Industry Division Rs 222 million, Power Division Rs 69204.153 million which includes Rs 29697.630 million Rs and Rs 506.523 million local component. Water Sector has an allocation of Rs 42636.210 million.