Islamabad - The regional transport authorities of Islamabad-Rawalpindi have approved four new public transport routes to link the twin cities with the new International Islamabad Airport and to facilitate commuters.

The authorities approved a public transport route from Rawat to Secretariat, Secretariat to Blue Area, Blue Area to Kashmir Highway and Kashmir Highway to Motorway Chowk, said an official.

He said that initially fifty air-conditioned mini buses would run on all the four routes for Rs 6 per kilometre (km) as fare and the total fare would not exceed Rs 260. He said that the transport service would be available round-the-clock during all days of the week, adding that the test drive would begin next week.  Talking about the routes of Islamabad, Assistant Commissioner Islamabad, Saad Bin Asad, said two of these transport routes of the capital would link the city with the new international airport.

He said that the route from Secretariat to the new airport would include stops at five metro bus stations; hence it will facilitate maximum number of people.

He further said that initially twenty air-conditioned mini buses would be put on the two routes of Islamabad, for which a company has been given approval for running the transport on the routes after scrutiny from the authorities while the construction of bus stands on Rawat, Koral Chowk and new airport would begin soon. Furthermore, he said the capital administration has also proposed other transport routes for D-17, D-12 and E-11.

Meanwhile, Secretary Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Khalid Yameen Satti told APP that two transit routes from Rawalpindi to new International Airport have been approved by authorities.

He said that the 48 kilometre long route, starting from Rawat would pass through Katcheri Chowk to Saddar, Peshawar Road, Chor Chowk, Pirwadhai Mor, Golra Mor, Chungi No. 26, and Motorway Chowk and thereby reach the new airport.  The other route, he said, would commence from Koral Chowk and pass through Benazir Bhutto International Airport to Ammar Chowk, Katcheri Chowk to Saddar and Peshawar Road and would conclude at new International Airport.

He said Faisal Movers have been given approval for the transport service on the route and it would initially run thirty buses. Satti said all the bus service companies interested in running their buses on the routes have demanded first class bus stands at Koral Chowk and Rawat, therefore Civil Aviation Authority and other concerned authorities have been approached for arrangements.