ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Spots Board (PSB) Acting Director General has said that the inquiry report against leakage of Liaqat Gymnasium newly-installed roof will be filed on April 18.

The roof has been leaking from different corners and the most precious asset of PSB presenting swimming-pool look, as the entire wooden floor and seats are filled with rain water while huge pieces of coal tar were spread everywhere, which could still be found, so to preserve proofs, Liaqat Gymnasium was sealed.

The inside sources confirmed to The Nation that the Rs 105 million worth project also include installation of new LED lights worth Rs 20 million and to makes things further worse, the coal tar pieces can be seen on outer covers of expensive LED lights, which can spark any moment and result into fire breakout, which can destroy the entire Liaqat Gymnasium within no time.

A PSB Deputy Director General on condition of anonymity said that he had time and again requested former PSB DG Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera to have mercy on the PSB, as Liaqat Gymnasium is the most precious asset of the PSB. “I have urged Ganjera not to replace the roof and lights, as they were in perfect shape, as wood used in the roof was made of the wood used for constructing ships and was highly reliable and could never leak. While the use of coal tar would not only endanger the roof of Liaqat Gymnasium, but also put at risk lives of athletes and coaches, who would be training in the gymnasium, but no heed was paid as Ganjera continued to do things in his own way.

“As soon as Islamabad temperature touches 36 centigrade, the coal tar starts melting down and large pieces can be seen everywhere on LED lights covers. Majority of stands seats are also packed with thick coal tar, if the roof can’t survive only 36 centigrade, then how can it cope with 40 plus temperatures. While there is every possibility, the coal tar on LED light covers will result in short-circuit and entire building is under severe danger of catching fire,” he added.

The DDG further said that the current DG has ordered to change the inquiry officer and he is bound to submit report by 18. “One thing is quite sure that with the arrival of Acting DG Amer Ali Ahmed, things are fast back on track, as he is ensuring rules and regulations and not ready to sign anything without the signatures of relevant section head and has given clear directions to staff to follow office decorum, ensure office timings and not to waste time in trivial things.” 

He further disclosed that from Rs 105 million, a whopping Rs 87 million payments had already been made to the contractors, while Acting DG Amer Ali had ordered to stop further payments. He further revealed that DDG Finance Vijay Kumar, just to hide his thing, has been running from post to pillar to get himself posted on deputation to other organisation, but he has to face the music. “Vijay has made gross violations in number of things, gave advance payments to different black-listed contractors and he also allowed to join a diploma holder person Ijaz Akbar on a post of engineer, against Pakistan Engineering Council rules and regulations.

The DDG further said that the roof and ceiling work installed few months back is heavily criticised by different quarters and many eye-brows were raised as how a diploma holder was allowed to carry on the roof work in the absence of a qualified engineering team. “An inquiry was already ordered, but an important member of the inquiry team left on a foreign tour, which forced Acting DG to appoint Director Finance Ghazanfar on his place and asked the team to present report till April 18.”

It is quite strange that the IPC ministry is executing a lot of engineering work directly without consulting a qualified engineer and both ministry and PSB lack qualified engineer and to make things further interesting, PSB wrote to IPC ministry to avoid Liaqat Gymnasium and other major projects meeting the same feet. The PSB wanted the ministry to appoint a full-time qualified engineer from the government, which will ensure smooth functioning of things, but to the surprise of many, the ministry turned down PSB’s request. If Acting DG wants to streamline things and ensure proper check and balance, then why the IPC ministry is creating hurdles in smooth functioning of things and why not allowing the PSB to get a qualified engineer from the government.

When contacted by The Nation, Acting DG PSB Amer Ali Ahmed said: “I have made it very clear to all the PSB staffers that I am not going to tolerate inefficiency. Anyone found guilty of violations, he will meet the destiny.”

“ I will ensure merit and all the athletes will get their due rights and will be facilitated fully so that they may earn laurels for the country.”